New Music Releases

Several of the country music men have come out with some new albums recently. Justin Moore, Chris Young, and Billy Currington all have albums out. Let’s talk about Billy Currington first! His album is called We Are Tonight and it’s his third album. You will want to check out 23 Degrees and South along with Hallelujah. Those are total winners in my book!

Next up is Justin Moore! Moore has an album out called Off the Beaten Path. This is also Moore’s 3rd album. That’s How I Know You Love Me, Lettin’ The Night Roll, and his duet Old Habit with Miranda Lambert are the tops in my book, though from first listen this is a fantastic legit country album.

Last we have Chris Young’s album A.M. My top two on Young’s fourth album are Aw Naw and Who I Am With You. You might also want to check out Text Me Texas, it’s a good one too!

So tell me, what are you listening to these days?