Wear It: Little Umbrellas

Sarah Darling has a new video out called Little Umbrellas. It’s the perfect summer video! Makes you want to hit up a tropical island! I love her green and white outfit she’s sporting. Go check it out.

Cute video right?! So I’m gonna do a little mixup of her green and white outfit. I’m gonna swap the colors of her top and jeans to give you an original Langston’s outfit.
wear it little umbrella

Cruel Girl Womens Flutter Sleeve Top – Cream
Stetson Womens Pixie Stix Skinny Jeans – Teal
Corral Boots – Women’s Goat/Laser Overlay Cowboy Boots – Chocolate-Sand/Turquoise

I LOVE this outfit! I would totally wear this and I do believe I might have the perfect necklace to go with this outfit. These boots will go with more things than you realize. I mean turquoise is the new black in my opinion, it will go with everything! So tell me, would you WEAR IT?

Want to see a video featured here? Let me know and I’ll do my best to create the perfect outfit!