New Music Releases

kelly-clarkson-tie-it-up-cover-artWe’ve got a few singles out that are AWESOME and you need to be aware of them so you can go download them NOW. First up, Kelly Clarkson’s next country single is called Tie It Up. This is basically about her life, her engagement, getting married, etc. Its a fun song and very catchy. If you are interested in seeing the behind the scenes of the cover you see above you can go “>here. It’s pretty funny, so you might want to check that out.
Drunk-Last-NightNext up is Eli Young Band’s latest single called Drunk Last Night. I immediately liked this song and I wouldn’t say I’m a diehard Eli Young Band fan, but man I liked this song. Go have a listen and see if you like it too!
Drinks-After-WorkLastly, we have Toby Keith’s next single called Drinks After Work. This is a fun song for sure, perfect for summer and if you need a mood lifter.

So what are y’all listening to these days?