Wear It: Impossible Dreams

I hadn’t heard much about Danielle Peck until I stumbled across this new video she has out. It’s definitely an inspiration video and she’s definitely rockin’ some fantastic outfits in the video as well. Check it out….

Man that video is sort of a tearjerker isn’t it?? I’m liking Danielle’s new sound and I’m definitely loving the looks she has going on in this video. I decided to do a little bit of a combo of her two outfits…the tight jeans with a tank and jeans and the yellow dress to recreate this look the Langston’s way. A tank and jeans with boots is the ultimate sexy outfit in my opinion and you can dress it up or dress it down however you’d like.
wear it impossible dreams
Cruel Girl Women’s Strappy Tank Top – Black
Wrangler Women’s Ultra Low Rise Booty Up Skinny Jeans – Yellow
Corral Boots – Women’s Butterfly Inlay Cowboy Boots – Yellow/Red/Turquoise

I personally love these Booty Up jeans by Wrangler, they fit fantastically and they have great colors to boot! See what I did there? To boot? ha! So tell me, would you WEAR IT?