Wear It: Hush Hush

Pistol Annies came out with a new video this week and it’s an absolute HOOT. The video goes perfectly with the story of the song and all of the girls announced that their own families were starring in the video. Pay close attention to the girl’s “NICE” dresses as you watch…

Fun video right? I mean you can obviously tell whose parents are whose can’t you?? And Miranda said that was in fact her grandmother drinking from the flask. Go back and catch that part again, I’ll wait. See? Too funny!! Ok, now let’s get down to the business of their clothes. Miranda has a dress on that has ruffles at the neckline and we can hook you up with that same look, perfect for spring/summer! Here’s how we’d do it the Langston’s way!

wear it hush hush
Cruel Girl Women’s Short Sleeve Striped Ruffle Dress
Women’s Ferrini Iridescent Python Print Snip Toe Cowboy Boots

These boots are just amazing am I right? So tell me, would you WEAR IT?

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  1. Great song and they album is awesome! I’m so happy that it’s finally out!

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