New Music Releases

We’ve got a new album out today by THE KING, yes that would be Mr George Strait himself. George’s new album is called Love is Everything and it’s a winner! George has been at it long enough in this business to know what works and this album is definitely working. It’s like he keeps getting better and better! I am not really sure how to narrow down the must listens on this album because I’m gonna listen to this album over and over and over again I can already tell. But these are the ones that caught my attention at first listen: “I Got a Car”, “Blue Melodies”, “I Thought I Heard My Heart Sing”.

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Trace Adkins also has a new album out today called Love Will… and he’s got some awesome guest stars if you will. Exile and Colbie Caillet are featured on this album. These are the must listens for this album: “Kiss You All Over”, “If The Sun Comes Up”, “Watch The World End”.

Go check these out for sure! So tell me, what else are yall listening to?

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  1. I’m looking forward to my “Love Is Everything” CD ~ it’s on its way from even as we speak! He really does keep getting better and better.

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