Wear It: Home to Me

Sarah Darling has a video out right night called Home to Me and I gotta say, I just love her look. She’s got some great outfits, hair and makeup too! And of course a great sound! Let’s check it out!

I love the denim shirt over a dress and tied at the waist look. It’s a very simple look but wins some major cuteness awards from me. Here’s how you can do it the Langston’s way! I picked out a dress that still has some winter colors to it so you can wear this now. Add a denim shirt and some red sassy boots and you are done!
wear it home to you
Cowgirl Justice Women’s Long Sleeve Denim Snap Shirt
Lucky Brand Women’s Feather Patchwork Cadiz Dress
Old Gringo Women’s Nevada Cowboy Boots – Red

So tell me, would you wear it? Give us some feedback…who do you want to see featured on Wear It? Let us know and we’ll do our best to come up with a Langston’s outfit for you!