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Let’s say one of us has a sister who is looking to buy her first pair of boots…..yes, I know. How is it possible she doesn’t own any right now?? I am sure those of you reading this all own boots, but maybe you have a sister or friend in need of this advice about buying your first pair, so here goes.

1) Are these for fashion or work? If they are really for work and you work on a ranch….this post is probably not for you and these aren’t really your first pair…but if they are, I’d look at the square toe ones that have a bit more girth in the sole. The Fatbaby line by Ariat  or the Gypsy Cowgirl by Justin for example.

2) What do you want to wear them with!?!??! Are you looking to have them under bootcut jeans, over jeggings or both? What about skirts?

If you want to show off the shaft of the boot by wearing them with skirts and/or jeggings….then get boots with a cool one! These Lane Stud Rocker boots are amazing. It would be a shame to hide them under jeans. Same goes for the Ariat Paloma boots. These are screaming to be paired with a white sundress for summer.

If you want the boots for primarily under bootcut jeans, maybe consider a colored boot. These red Old Gringo boots look perfect peaking out from under jeans.

3) What colors do you normally wear? I am a huge fan of all my boots, but my medium brown ones get the most wear. I pair them with white, grey and even black tops. To me they go with everything….almost. My sister has a lot of tops that are colored with black designs and embellishments. For her I would recommend a black boot.

My personal preference lies with snip toe boots. Not too square, not to pointed. However….if I was told to pick my 1 go to women’s boot right now it would be this one, the Ariat Dandy.



It is a bit more pointed than a snip toe, but I love the shape. It is plain enough that it will go with everything, yet the detailed cut outs give it enough interest that you can show it off. I can see it in winter with big cozy sweaters and in summer with dresses. At under $200 this is a great option and one you will wear for years to come.

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