New Music Releases

We have a few new singles out that you need to know about! First up Kenny Chesney has a new song out called Pirate Flag. I have a feeling with this song that his next album will be more of his island vibe music than his last album was. But honestly, I’m ok with whichever Kenny Chesney we get, I’ll always be a fan!

Next, we have Lady Antebellum’s Downtown. I’m loving the sound of this new single. It’s an upbeat song about a sorta depressing topic but I definitely think the upcoming album is gonna be great if there’s more music like this!

And finally we have the latest songs off Nashville, Consider Me and I’m a Girl which are both sung by Hayden Panettiere. More great stuff from the Nashville television show…so far I have loved almost all of the music that has come off the show. I’m definitely impressed that the cast is singing everything themselves. Are you still watching?

What else are y’all listening to?