Music I Love

Hey guys, we’ll pick up with new music releases next week when we have some new stuff to talk about. Let’s talk about one of my favorites, Ashley Monroe. I have waited for another album of hers to come out for a long time since her 2007 album Satisfied. I seem to always go back to it plus the singles she’s released since and listen to them over and over again. She will have a new album out in March, Like A Rose, which I’m very excited about! In the meantime we can listen to her with the Pistol Annies.

My favorite songs have got to be her duet with Ronnie Dunn called I Don’t Want To, and the title track of her album, Satisfied. Also off the Satisfied album I LOVE Hank’s Cadillac and the duet with Dwight Yoakum called That’s Why We Call Each Other Baby. Both are fantastic. Ashley just has a fantastic, unique voice and I can’t wait to hear her upcoming album!