Vendor Spotlight – Minnetonka

I don’t know about you, but I feel like Minnetonka was everywhere this Fall and Winter. In a good way! I saw tons of cute outfits based around mocs and booties and don’t get me started on the kids mocs. I think they were, and are, the go to gift for newborns.

Minnetonka was founded back in 1946 and has been going strong since then. There are so many things to love about the company. Much like Langston’s, they are a family business. I love seeing that they are in their 4th generation of family running their operations. If you watch the great video on their site, they talk about how the mocs are all hand crafted, and how they are a piece of Americana.

They may be trendy at times, but they do not chase trends. They are a classic. One that will come back into style again and again. Another thing that is always said about Minnetonka is how comfortable they are. And they are! if you ever wanted to leave your house in slippers, now is your chance!

I love my classic mocs, but my go to this winter has been these Calf Hi Tan Suede Fringe Boots.



What about you? Which style do you want as your personal bit of Americana? Your handcrafted bit of comfort?