New Music Releases

Are y’all ready to get back to non-holiday music? I am! I’ve got a few good singles you should check out for sure.
Remember RaeLynn from The Voice? She was on Blake’s team..of course you remember! Well she’s got a single out and you might have caught it recently on The Voice where she performed it live. It’s called Boyfriend and its super sassy. Definitely go check it out.




Katie Armiger has a new single out called Playin’ with Fire. It’s a fast paced song that really gets you right from the start. She’s got a great voice.




Leann Rimes has another single out from her upcoming album. This song is called Borrowed and it seems to follow in line with the last single she released in that it’s coming from a very personal place. I’m definitely hoping we hear more about Leann’s voice in the coming months than hearing about her in the tabloids.



What are you listening to lately?

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