Let’s start the new year….

Hope you guys had an amazing holiday season! We are ready to kick off 2013!! How about you?

Look for lots of new giveaways and promotions. There are several ways to stay in the know on all things Langston’s…

This blog of course, our Facebook page, Twitter – and for all coupons and specials, our mailing list. We are also on Pinterest and Instagram!

As far as being in the know on new items, did you know we have a “new items” page? We also have a “sale” page! We also have a few fun pages like What to Wear with Boots, a Boot Buying Guide and a Western Shirt Guide.

So now  that you know how to keep up with us…how do we keep up with you? Let me know what you like to see on our blog and Facebook. Help us to get you the info you want…just let me know what you want to see!