Wear It: One Of Those Nights

Tim McGraw has a new video out, One Of Those Nights. Personally I can’t think of a better way to spend the next 4 minutes than by staring at Tim McGraw. What do you say ladies? Let’s check it out!

Sigh. Looking good huh? Ok, so now let’s talk fashion, shall we? While I do love Tim’s consistent black cowboy hat, henley style shirt and jeans or leather pants look, what caught my eye in this video was where he was wearing a scarf and puffy vest. I personally think that is a great look on him. This is how I’d recreate it the Langston’s way…

Men’s Dickies Long Sleeve Solid Pocket Tee Shirt
Tempco Men’s Reversible Bubble Vest
Rock & Roll Cowboy Men’s Pistol Slim Fit Boot Cut Jeans
Pendleton Men’s Merino Knit Muffler – Tan Diamond Desert
Stetson Men’s Handmade Distressed Eagle Underlay Cowboy Boots

So there you have it. Now go buy that outfit for your man!