Wear It: The One That Got Away

So I promised we would do a dude for the next Wear It and do I have a dude for you…Jake Owens ladies and gents. We are gonna feature Jake Owens’ The One That Got Away. I think we are all well aware of Jake Owens’ smile and fabulous body, but let’s go ahead and check out the clothes he’s sporting in this video.

So I’ll let you compose yourself after watching 3:17 of Jake Owens’ fabulousness.

Ok. So let’s get to his attire…its definitely a sexy casual and while I don’t believe he is wearing shoes on the beach scenes I’m going to give you an alternative if you by chance need to be wearing shoes. ha!

Men’s Dickies Long Sleeve Solid Pocket Tee Shirt
Lucky Men’s 181 Jeans – Ol Summer Camp
Minnetonka Men’s Boat Moc
Dude Gear Men’s Beige Shell Necklace with Cross

So there you have it! Just make sure you have a Jake Owens smile smeared across your face when you WEAR IT!

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