New Music Releases

I need to catch yall up on some singles that have been released recently that you NEED to have in your rotation. First up, anything off the new ABC show Nashville!

There have been several singles released from the show namely “Telescope”, “Undermine”, “If I Didn’t Know Better”, and “Fade Into You”. “Telescope” was released twice, once as Hayden Panettiere’s version and once as Connie Britton’s character’s daughters. Personally I love the daughters version tremendously. Go download “Telescope” by Stella Lennon & Maisy Stella.

Next up, Tim McGraw’s latest single. He performed this on the CMAs last week and he just gets better you know? This song will be on his upcoming “Two Lanes of Freedom” album. Go have a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

And last but not least, Kelly Clarkson’s first official country single “Don’t Rush”. She too performed this on the CMAs, with Vince Gill who sings and plays on this song. When I first heard this song I thought, oh this sounds kinda like 80s country and well what do you know….Kelly said toTaste of Country Nights radio that she was going for a Crystal Gayle sound and that’s why folks I thought it sound 80s-ish. I love it, and I bet you do too!