Wear It: Change My Mind

Have you caught Billy Ray Cyrus’ latest video Change My Mind? This song has sort of a southern rock feel to it, almost like a Cross Canadian Ragweed sound. I’m definitely a fan. Check it out.

So what did y’all think? I think as Billy Ray gets older I like him more than his Achy Breaky Heart days. Whose with me on that? I’m also loving this rugged look Billy Ray is sporting in the video. Here’s how you too can pull off the rugged look via Langston’s!

Lucky Brand Men’s Dusty Boot Plaid Long Sleeve Workwear Shirt
Wrangler Men’s 936 Cowboy Cut Slim Fit Jeans – Charcoal
Twisted X Men’s Driving Mocs – Bomber

I’m a fan of his subtle plaid shirt with dusty jeans. Also, pay close attention to his boots, they are sorta moccasin-ish! We’ve hooked you up with the main pieces now you just add a solid color undershirt and a straw cowboy hat and you are set! Oh and some aviators for sure!