The Voice

I know, I know…I said no recaps…but I am watching and I just can’t resist getting your thoughts!!! I am kind of glad that 2 Steel Girls lost out to Gracia. It’s not that I didn’t like them, I just like her more. She is adorable. I loved her pink frilly dress. She had matching boots, but in my mind she had these Johnny Ringo ones on instead. How cute would the turquoise/green of these been with that dress?

Casey was sent home. I think he will rock the bars in his area and have a good local career. If you liked his look, we have plenty of shirts similar to the one he wore. This Rockmount Men’s Vintage Floral Western Snap Shirt is great for on stage, but also great for a night out!

Collin was saved by Blake after leaving Team Adam. I think Adam made the right call, but I also think Blake did. I think this is a good place for Collin to be. He might need Blake as his voice coach, but I think he needs to look to Adam for fashion. Well worn jeans, boots and a classic tee are a great look for him and one that Adam often rocks. These Rambler boots by Ariat are one of my favorites and they would be great for Collin.

What were your thoughts? Any favorites so far? I am keeping mine to myself for now. Still trying to form my opinions!