New Music Releases

Toby Keith has his newest album coming out today called Hope On The Rocks. Keith is known for his more upbeat songs and/or patriotic songs for sure, but I have always been a huge fan of his slow songs since back in the day of “He Ain’t Worth Missing”. Is there anybody with me on that? I mean I think he’s got a great voice for slow songs!

So anyway, let’s talk about the new album shall we? You may have already heard of the single “I Like Girls That Drink Beer”. A lot of the songs are definitely some good old beer drinking songs of which Toby Keith wrote or co-wrote, and he produced the album as well. From the get go I’m loving “Hope On the Rocks” and “Haven’t Had a Drink All Day” (which is a super fast paced fun song). In addition to the new songs he’s also added some remixes of songs we all know along with some live versions like “Whiskey Girl” and “Get Out of My Car” which are definite must listens, though that last one is NSFW.

So go have a listen!