New Music Releases

Blake Shelton’s highly anticipated Christmas album comes out today. It’s called Cheers, It’s Christmas. This album has tons of classics and also duets. You can count on duets with his wife Miranda Lambert, her band Pistol Annies, Reba McEntire, Xenia, and Trypta-Phunk. He also reworks Michael Buble’s Home with a holiday feel and sings it as a duet. And in addition to all those duets, Shelton also sings with his very own mother on “Time For Me To Come Home”.

I pre-ordered this album y’all. We are definitely Blake Shelton fans here at Langston’s if you haven’t caught on to that yet. I’m also a huge fan of holiday music! I always start listening right after Thanksgiving, so I’m glad to have this in my arsenal!

I’ll leave you with this quote that I read via the Las Vegas Review-Journal regarding Shelton’s love for Christmas music:

…he’s a sucker for most Christmas tunes, “even the ones I don’t even know what they mean,” he said.

“There’s one on Anne Murray’s Christmas album, ‘Christmas In Killarney.’ I don’t even know where in the hell Killarney is, but it puts me in the damn Christmas mood. I listen to that one a lot.”