Wear It: Truck Yeah

Are y’all familiar with Tim McGraw’s Truck Yeah? So it’s been out for a bit on radio and then he just came out with a video for it as well. In my opinion the only thing better than listening to Tim McGraw is looking at Tim McGraw. So let’s take a moment to look shall we?

Ok, now ladies, wipe the sweat off your brow and let’s get down to business on how to dress your man like the one and only Tim McGraw. Here’s how to get ‘r done….step 1: tight, dark t-shirt (long or short sleeved will do fine as long as it’s tight). step 2: tight jeans (light in color but keyword tight). step 3: add some boots and a belt.

Lucky Men’s Long Sleeve Thermal Crew Shirt
Rock & Roll Cowboy Men’s Pistol Slim Fit Boot Cut Jeans with Leather Applique
Ariat Men’s Nitro Boots – Gulch Tan/Quartz
Double J Saddlery Men’s Brindle Hair Belt with Ladies and Aces Conchos

At this point all you need is to perfect your smoldering expressions and add muscles and you have got it!