Wear It: Can’t Go Back (Unplugged)

Little Big Town did an Unplugged set for cmt.com and man, this one: Can’t Go Back is a definite listen. Not only is a great performance but everyone’s outfits are to die for! Since I’ve been focusing on women lately on the Wear It series I’m going to highlight Jimi Westbrook’s outfit. Check out the video first:

Doesn’t everyone look fantastic? Jimi’s outfit is something every guy can most definitely pull off easily. So here’s how we’d do it the Langston’s way.

Rock & Roll Cowboy Men’s Long Sleeve Distressed Plaid Western Snap Shirt
Rock & Roll Cowboy Men’s Pistol Slim Fit Boot Cut Jeans
Ferrini Men’s Alligator Belly Print 13″ Square Toe Cowboy Boots

So what do you think? Would you wear this? My absolute favorite is Kimberly’s outfit. You can’t go wrong with sequins and acid washed jeans! So who else are you watching these days? What else do you want to see featured here? Tell us! We want to know!