The Voice

I wasn’t going to recap The Voice this season…and I still don’t plan to…but how could I not at least post once (or a few times…). Did you check out the first 3 nights? Team Blake has lots of country goodness on it. Gracia is a yodeler! So cool. Casey Musicman…wait, it’s really Muessigmann – but still. And then the mother daughter duo Two Steel Girls. Lots of country love.

Mamma Steel was rocking some over the knee boots. These Ariat 15″ boots are a more wearable, every day verses on stage, version of the high boot look.

The daughter was in a fun and age appropriate dress. It reminded me of this Mystree Eyelet Style Embroidered one.Come to think of it, Gracia was too. She rocked her’s with brown boots. From what I could tell they were pretty plain and not much detail which worked well with her dress. These Pecos ones are similar.

As far as Mr. MusicMan – he rocked an embroidered shirt. It wasn’t this Rockmount Ranch Wear one, but it should have been.

Can I wrote a Voice post without talking about Domo? Yea…let’s try.