A Music Favorite

So you know how every week I ask y’all what you are still listening to and I try and keep you posted on what is in my rotation? Well I thought it might be fun to let y’all in on one of my absolute favorite albums. And when I say it’s one of my favorites, I definitely mean it. It has a thousand plus plays in my iTunes history.

Lee Ann Womack’s Call Me Crazy is utterly fantastic. I’m a huge Womack fan, I have all her albums and have seen her in concert also. My absolute favorite and most listened to songs off this album (though the entire album is phenomenal) are “Solitary Thinkin'”, “I Found It In You”, “Either Way”, and “The Bees”. “The Bees” has background vocals by Keith Urban, another favorite.

I miss Lee Ann Womack! I am hoping for a new album soon from her. I had heard back in May that she was premiering some new songs in concert. Fingers crossed we hear them soon!