New Music Releases

As a HUGE Radney Foster fan, I feel compelled to tell you about Del Rio, Texas Revisited: Unplugged and Lonesome. If you aren’t familiar with Radney Foster, let me give you a little background. Foster was part of a Grammy award winning duo called Foster & Lloyd. When they dissolved their duo, Foster’s debut solo album was called Del Rio, TX 1959. This album was an homage to his hometown and produced 4 top 40 hits. You may have heard of those: “Just Call Me Lonesome,” “Nobody Wins,” “Easier Said Than Done” and “Hammer and Nails.”

It has now been 20 years since that release and he’s rereleasing the album acoustically. I mean that might be the best news ever! The only way to make greatness greater is to redo it acoustically!

Listen to these: “Easier Said Than Done”, “Nobody Wins”, “Went For A Ride”.

What else are y’all listening to? If you are struggling with what to listen to, definitely take my advice and listen to this one!