New Music Releases

Let me fill y’all in on the new releases that happened over the last couple of weeks as well as what is coming out this week.

Gloriana came out with A Thousand Miles Left Behind and it is a truly good album. It’s their first since becoming a trio and has the smash hit (Kissed You) Good Night on it. You’ll also want to listen to the acoustic version of Wild at Heart along with Can’t Shake You and Where My Heart Belongs.

Joey + Rory came out with His and Hers. As I told you a while back there is a tearjerker of a song on there called When I’m Gone and it’s definitely still one of my favs from this album. You should also check out Waiting For Someone and Cryin’ Smile.

David Nail came out with an album of three songs called 1979. Of the three is his absolutely extraordinary cover of Adele’s Someone Like You. It literally gives me chills. Definitely check that one out.

And last but not least, Taylor Swift announced yesterday that she has a new album entitled Red coming out on October 22 and released her latest single We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together.