New Music Releases

Back in October Martina McBride released Eleven, her latest album and we told you about it! I gotta say, this has been my favorite album of hers in a long time, maybe ever. I haven’t taken this out of my rotation and am still loving Whatcha Gonna Do, which by the way she has recently said is one of her favorites to perform in concert.

Two weeks ago, Martina released a four new bonus tracks to Eleven: Ask The Boy, Closing Time, I Give It To You, and You’re In My House Now. They are perfect additions to Eleven and by far my favorite is Closing Time but I’m definitely a sucker for a bluesy country song. McBride herself co-wrote two of the bonus songs, Ask The Boy and You’re In My House Now.

So tell me, are you still listening to some Martina McBride Eleven? If so, what’s been your favorite track? Will you be buying these bonus tracks? Definitely give them a listen!