Coming up Friday…

Zach Brown Band is playing the summer concert series on the Today Show this Friday. I thought maybe I could help him plan for the show with a few shirt suggestions. I know he loved a good short sleeve button up…

This Rock & Roll Cowboy Men’s Short Sleeve Plaid Snap Western Shirt features a blue/cream plaid print on wrinkled fabric with snaps. It would be perfect on Zach.

Or maybe something with more color since the concert is outside and in the morning. Something bright to wake everyone up? This Lucky Brand Men’s Short Sleeve Big Barrel Plaid Snap Shirt even matches the Today Show logo.

It is summer…maybe a more laid back look? A tee? Might I suggest this Langston’s tee?

Whatever he decides to wear, I know he will look great and sound even better. Have you been watching this concert series? I know Maroon 5 was on and Kenny Chesney. I think next month Train will be on it. I am always kind of amazed at how many people gather outside the studios on a daily basis, but for these concerts I totally get it.

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