Texas Women

How did we get to the finale already!?!?! Wow. That went fast, but was certainly full of fun. The Vegas trip turned out well for the girls….well, mostly. I think Anna had a rough patch, but all in all it was good. I loved Brooke’s look the second night – a sequined skirt and a long sleeve black top. Very flattering and stylish.

The ladies made a trip to the gun range to shoot some massive artillery. Hannah’s red jeans reminded me of these Lucky Brand Women’s Colorful Sofia Capri pants.

Best line was from Ali, “We love to get gussied up and get pretty, but we also like to go out and shoot some crap sometimes.” Classic.

The last night Anna had on an Aztec print dress, and in the last scene of the show Brooke had on a skirt in that same vein. Come to think of it, Hannah’s poncho when she went to visit Ali on set was too. These types of prints are really hot right now. Here are a few you can add to your closet.

Wrangler Women’s Aztec Print Tank Top

Wrangler Women’s Short Sleeve Falcon Print Tee Shirt

Ali’s shoot went great. Really – what more can I say. She is a natural!!! And she can rock boots and jeans shorts perfectly!

Anna went to some counseling which I think was a great step for her. And not to be cheesy and play of the word step…but…she was stepping out in some cute moccasins. These Minnetonka Moccasin – Women’s Thunderbird Beaded Moccasins are similar to the ones she had on.

I am happy to see Hannah and Brooke getting along. Really everyone is doing well. Brooke has her horse shampoo line, Ali with her music, Hannah with her modeling and it looks like Anna is on the way to figuring out what is holding her back. I think next season everyone will be on their game and shooting for the stars. I can’t wait!!!