New Music Releases

Kenny Chesney’s new album Welcome to the Fishbowl came out yesterday. I’ve been listening to it, because of course I bought it…pre-ordered it actually. I’m a big Kenny Chesney fan, have most, if not all, of his albums and have seen him in concert. I’d say, if you like Kenny Chesney, you will like this album. It has that same sort of sad, searching, yet mature sound that his last album had with a few rockin’ songs thrown in. He co-wrote three of the songs, one of which is Welcome to the Fishbowl itself. A pleasant surprise was his rendition of El Cerrito Place, which I knew from Charlie Robison.

Definitely listen to Feel Like a Rockstar, El Cerrito Place, and Always Gonna Be You.

An added bonus to buying the album is you get video of a live performance of You and Tequila with Grace Potter that ends with the ENTIRE audience singing word for word the chorus VERY clearly. I always love when that happens.

Are you a Kenny Chesney fan? Did you get the album? Do you have any favorite songs yet?