Facebook Faceoff

Have you guys seen our new Facebook promotion? We have a page featuring 5 different Rock and Roll Cowgirl jeans. Whichever pair gets the most Facebook “likes” by Wed June 27, 2012 will go on sale for 40% off! Visit the page here and then click on your favorite pair and vote for it using the Facebook “like” button that that product page. Then check back on Wed to see which pair won! Want to make sure it is your pick…then you better enlist the help of your friends!

2 thoughts on “Facebook Faceoff

  1. ~ 2-14-2012 at 20:58:39 OMG I am so sincerely faeetlrtd for this shout-out!!!! Let’s do songs for every single holiday. Or, when WaynN changes his name so I stop spelling it wrong. Maybe his sex life will improve if next year you let him read the erotica on stage in front of hundreds?Folds & Love & Love & Folds,Deb

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