The Voice – Season Finale

So…what happens here if I write a recap with no western wear in it? I am pretty sure my boss would frown on that huh? This episode is a bit hard to tie into the store.

Jermain. He is my number 2 guy. He has a great voice and great style. I love the relationship he has with Blake and really, overall I like him.

Juliet. She is kind of a hot mess. My love for her isn’t as strong as it was. I loved when she did Roxanne and Cryin’ in weeks prior, but I wasn’t really feeling her this week. And what’s the deal with the ever changing hair color? Her dress for Free Bird was kind or orange and flowy and dramatic. These Ariat Women’s Outlaw 11″ Square Toe Boots – Chico Brown/Bronze Dazzle Boots are dramatic and orange…maybe? I told you. It’s a hard episode to tie into fashion. Overall, I am ok with her, but I am not voting for her.

In the other 2 performances she had a black and gold theme going on. 2 different looks but both were in that vein. These Ferrini Women’s Floral Lace Cowboy Boots would have fit right in.

Chris. Oh my god make him go away. I know, I know…he has a great voice. But he has a great opera voice. I am just not into it. The duet with Christina? That dress? Seriously you guys, I love her voice and her outside of the show, but  her bad attitude towards Tony and Adam just annoys me. As far as the dress…it was not good on her.

Tony Lucca. No lie, I downloaded his version of 99 Problems today. He is my pick. He has my vote. I loved all three songs he did last night. That Maroon 5 song is tough to sing and he did great. It can be debated by anyone and everyone, but he and Adam were completely calling Christina out with their song pick. And I loved it. She has been hard on Tony all season. She deserved it!

Ok. Light on the fashion, heavy on the drama. I can’t wait to see what happens tonight! Go Tony!!!!!

I am siting here sipping my morning coffee wondering what to write about last nights finale. Tony lost. Not only did he lose but he wasn’t even 2nd place. But…I did get to hear him sing with Jordis which I liked. Lady A was great as usual. RaeLynn was sassy and fun as usual. And all in all I think Jermain was a good pick and am happy for him. One question for you guys….why was Christina in a leotard (again) when not performing? Is this a fashion trend I am unaware of? Leotards for no reason?

My pick didn’t win…second season in a row. Maybe next season I’ll pick the winner!