The Voice

We are getting down to the wire here. Tonight 8 become 4.

Team Adam is by far my favorite. I don’t want to see Tony or Katrina go home. Seriously. I love them both. If we are going just on voice, Katrina has it. But as far as which CD I want to jam to in my car, it’s Tony…well, and Katrina too. Seriously. Love both. I think Adam will stick with Katrina, but I think it will be a really, real hard call for him.

As far as Team Adam fashion…Adam’s shirt had kind of the same vibe going on as this Rock & Roll Cowboy Men’s Long Sleeve Plaid Snap Shirt.

Katrina looked amazing in classic black and Tony was flanked by girls in Red and Black. ThisĀ Rock & Roll Cowgirl Women’s Sleeveless Peasant Top with Embroidery is my ode to them.

Team Blake. Erin and Jermain. I think both are solid, but my guess is that Jermain makes it through. Erin was sweet though. I loved her show of emotion.

As far as Team Blake from a fashion perspective, Blake had on a red plaid shirt similar to this 90 Proof Men’s Long Sleeve Western Plaid Snap Shirt with Applique in a few scenes and Jermain rocked it out in classic white, like this Men’s Cinch LS Oxford Pinpoint Button Down Shirt.

Team Christina. Oh Christina. A tiara and a leotard and you weren’t even performing. Wow. That lady loves some bling. We need to get her in a pair of Miss Me Jeans stat.

As far as her team, I get that Chris has a great voice. I get it, I just don’t want to buy it. Are we going just on voice, or on the next possible star? His performance was a fire hazard too, I’m just sayin’. But then there is Lindsey who I am not a fan of. No idea here who should or will go home.

Team CeeLo. Ah, he had a cat shirt on with a picture of his rented cat on it. I wonder what happened to the real cat. Maybe he got a better gig. Jamar did great. He always rocks it out. I thought it was an odd song choice, but that he did it well. I don’t have a purple jacket to show you, but how about this Roper Men’s Long Sleeve Solid Western Snap Shirt? I love this look.

And I missed Juliet. Darn Tornado warnings! I was kind of irked that instead of a costume change they just threw a denim shirt over her dress for the group song. Lazy. Even though I didn’t hear her, I know she will move on.

I’ll be back to update before I publish. One of my favs is headed home, just not sure which one yet!

I totally forgot about the judges votes being combined with America’s. I think Blake and Christina both kind of wimped out. I see their point able not being able to pick and wanting to give the viewers the chance, but no. Just pick. You are a judge and it is your job. Adam did, and had good reasons. CeeLo did, probably because the cat told him to.

Anyway…Chris – Really? Wow. Shocked me. Tony – YAY!!! Jermain – figured. Juliet – of course.