Texas Women- Episode 5

In one of the very first scenes this week Brooke has on some red, black and white boots. They instantly made me think of these Lane ‘Margaret’ Cowboy Boots. Focusing on the boots helped me to glaze over during the um…”advice” talk. I am all for girl talk, but nationally televised girl talk? Let’s just say I was glad I wasn’t watching this weeks show with my dad or grandma or anyone!

Speaking of miss Brooke…..check back here tomorrow. We teamed up with her for a fun giveaway!!!!

As for the rest of the episode, Brooke and Jason enjoyed their new advice and gifts. So that’s good. The yoga vs karate scene was cracking me up. Love how CMT kept going back and forth between the two. You have to love that couple. They have lots of spunk and character.

The Hannah, Anna, Ali stuff was odd. I totally get Anna’s point that Hannah is a model and needs to take jobs…but you don’t see one model typically posing for 2 competing brands. So I do think it was odd. That said, she was gorgeous in that headdress! You know I am all about loose associations on here, what can I say, I try. Anyway, Hannah is Choctaw, this shirt has an Aztec print…yea, not even close. But check out this Wrangler Women’s Aztec Print Tank Top anyway.

Anna ended up doing really well with the modeling. It took her a while to get into it, but I think that is to be expected. Can’t wait to see the flip flops she designed. I had no idea about her stroke. How scary! Until her flip flops come out, check out these Justin Women’s Misty Calf Hair Flip Flops with Three Rhinestone Conchos.

Cory was so sweet helping Ali prepare for her new job. He is so level headed and has great advice. I loved how he helped Ali deal with the Hannah thing. He didn’t feed into it and make it bigger, but he also didn’t just dismiss her feelings. He is a good one Ali. Keep him around! I also loved that Ali wanted to know her job. She wasn’t willing to just fake it. When she got advice from the producer about where to stand and what to do, she said “I’ll make it better next time.” She is a classy girl. As far as fashion, I think I spied some embellished pockets when she was outside talking to the girls. These Rock and Roll Cowgirl Women’s Low Rise Skinny Jeans with Nail Head Flaps are a close match.

And I am pretty sure I noticed some Cinch Black Label Relaxed Fit Jeans on Cory.

That’s the recap for this week. I am posting today because tomorrow is GIVEAWAY DAY! Check back here for the what and how.

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  1. Hi ! I really love these red boots and I would really like to win them. . . . .Pretty please, pick me ! and I love your show !
    Irene Perkins

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