Texas Women

Texas Women moved to Friday nights…I hope you guys didn’t miss it! The episode started off with Brooke ad Jason talking about his hunting and her desire to raise a bucking bull. They crack me up. And WOW Jason has a lot of trophy heads! Jason was wearing a camo hat. We have 2 you can pick from, Mossy Oak Men’s Explorer Cap and Justin Men’s Mossy Oak Camo Cap both under $60…really, both under $16.

Ali Dee is heading to Nashville in this episode, but first we see her being cute with Cory. She’s wearing a red plaid shirt and studded boots. This Rock & Roll Cowgirl Women’s Long Sleeve Western Plaid Snap Shirt with Embroidery is a close match but in pink. For studded boots, these Old Gringo Women’s Leigh Anne Studded Cowboy Boots are similar to the brown ones she had on.

Hannah and Anna…I don’t really get this drama. I mean, they lived together before and had these same issues. So why are each f them surprised now? Anna wants things clean, Hannah is a slob. Anna speaks to Hannah in a condescending manner. Helllllloooooo…..we covered all this last season. As far as fashion, Indian inspired prints are hot. Brooke was wearing one in this episode also. This Wrangler Women’s Short Sleeve Falcon Print Tee Shirt is one way to get the look for yourself. This Panhandle Slim Junior’s Feather Sublimation Print Tank Top with Lace Back is somewhat in the same vein as well.

I wasn’t able to get a clear look at anyone’s jeans in this episode. I need some good shots of pockets to be sure…can you ladies help me out with that!?!!? Show your jeans for me next week!!!! Anyway, I did spy some sparkly crosses on Anna’s jeans…maybe these Miss Me Women’s Slim Fit Boot Cut Jeans with Cross Embroidery and I am not at all sure, but I think Brooke was wearing a pair of Southern Thread jeans maybe?

Brooke and Anna were great together. They are birds of a feather and it didn’t surprise me at all when they bumped heads…and it also doesn’t surprise me at all to see them getting along. I think their friendship will be up and down. They are both strong, opinionated women. I am sure raising bulls is a lot of work. A lot. But as far as how the episode was shot and edited they made it look like nothing. As far as the bulls, I think Brooke is making a good decision deciding not to get one! And Buckalicious? Laughing at that still.

Ali did a great job in Nashville and looked great too. She pulls off monster sized earrings so well. I love her song idea. “the relationship is the important thing, not the ring” – so true sister. Loved how easy that writing session was…and love the video concept. Sorry, over use of the word “love” in this paragraph.

What else can I say about this weekend’s episode. I could talk more about Hannah and Anna, but really we don’t need to. I am confused, did Hannah ask Anna to watch her dogs or just assume she would? Either way, they need a break from each other.

I loved the color of Brooke’s shirt at the end…a bright teal. This Adra Women’s Double Strand Multi Color Necklace would look great with it. I could also see this on Ali Dee.

That’s it for this week. Next week they interview male leads for Ali’s video…looks like it will be an embarrassing portion of the episode, kind of like the tire buying scene from a few weeks ago.