New Music Releases

I know what you are thinking, John Mayer? Country? Well we do know that he tends to reinvent himself with each album, from pop to blues… This is more of an alt country-ish album. If you tend to like Ryan Adams’ type of country, you’ll definitely like John Mayer’s version. While this album can get a little soft rock-ish, more of it has a country, acoustic guitar sound to it.

Much of the album seems to be Mayer’s attempt to work through a few rough years where he pretty much became unlikeable. I gotta admit, I haven’t been fond of him as of late, after reading several interviews he did over the last few years. However, as you listen to this album, you see him coming to grips with all this and learn something from all of this.

I’m sure most of you remember Taylor Swift’s song “Dear John” which was widely believed to be about John Mayer? Well, John Mayer has a song on this album, “Shadow Days” that has been rumored to be the response to Swift. You should definitely check that song out, it’s one of the better ones on the album.

Also check out, “Queen of California” and “Speak for Me”. Go have a listen, let me know what you think!