New Music Releases

Today Carrie Underwood’s fourth album Blown Away comes out. “Good Girl”, “Blown Away”, and “Two Black Cadillacs” are definitely the stand outs to me. She’s got a lot of statement songs on here. Her first single off the album, “Good Girl”, was co-written by Carrie herself. In fact, eight of the fourteen songs were co-written by Carrie, including “Two Black Cadillacs”. In “Cupid’s Got a Shotgun”, Brad Paisley does a little guitar work for Carrie. The last song on the album, “Who You Are”, was written by Shania Twain’s ex, Mutt Lange. “Forever Changed” is a song about Alzheimer’s.

It’s a very powerful album, and just what you can expect from Carrie Underwood. She never fails to impress, go check it out for sure.

Had you previewed this album already? It was live streaming last week on iTunes, as a special treat! If so, tell me what your favorite off the album is so far.