Men’s boots

I get asked a lot of times about good “starter” boots. The one pair of boots any/every man should own. If you aren’t used to wearing boots, a pointy toe might be a tough transition for you. I tend to recommend a squared off toe instead.

These 3 Ariat boots are all great options in my opinion. They work well with jeans for a day to day look. You can pair them with a sweater in the winter and a tee in the summer.

Ariat Men’s Hotwire 13″ Cowboy Boots

Ariat Men’s Heritage Reinsman 11″ Cowboy Boots

These next ones look more like a work boot, but they work really well as a daily boot – in the office or out in the yard.

Ariat® Men’s Rambler Boots

If you do want a dressier boot, these Stetson Men’s Handmade Distressed Eagle Underlay Cowboy Boots are gorgeous!

These Corral Men’s Distressed Black Boots with Gold Wings and Silver Crosses are amazing too.

Hope this helps for those of you looking for a new pair of boots! Let me know what your favorite boots are…I’d love to hear.