Brooke Jeter and a Giveaway!

You guys know I am a fan of CMT’s show Texas Women. The girls crack me up. They are each so different and unique, yet I can relate to each of them. When Brooke took a look at our site she immediately fell in love with the Old Gringo boots. They are top on my list as well. Well made, stylish, classic yet edgy – they are amazing. Then she told me that Lucky jeans are one of her favorites because they fit her so well….and I am the exact same. They are my go to jean. I knew I loved Brooke. Now I just need to get her and Ali to come hang out in OKC with me! Brooke and I decided it would be fun to share the love and give one of you a pair of Old Gringo Boots!

Brooke is wearing Old Gringo Women’s Nevada Cowboy Boots and Lucky Brand Women’s Sofia Boot Jeans and a tee from her Material Cowgirl line. (how cute are these tees! I want the boxing glove one!)

To enter to win your choice of Old Gringo Boots…

Leave one comment telling us what you love about the show Texas Women.

For a second entry, “like” Langston’s and Brooke Jeter on Facebook (and leave a comment saying you did)

For a third entry, follow Langston’s and Brooke on Twitter (and leave a comment saying you did)

So you can enter up to 3 times! Entries close Sat night, May 12th and a winner will be chosen on Sunday May 13. Good Luck!!

Want a pair of Lucky Brand Jeans? Enter the code “luckybrooke” at checkout for 20% off all Lucky Brand Jeans. Offer good through May 13th.

525 thoughts on “Brooke Jeter and a Giveaway!

  1. I Love Langston’s and Texas Woman. I DVR it every week so I don’t miss any of the action or all the wonderful fashions of all the woman. Would Love to win the rockin boots.

    • I love the show Texas Women…because they are strong, independent ladies! I always record the show so that I do not miss an episode!

  2. We are city dwellers in the midwest and just like shopping at Langston’s online…this show makes me feel like I’m in a different state, maybe a whole different country!

  3. Would love to wear a pair of cowgirl boots. Sexy attire with jeans, leggings or a skirt.

  4. Texas Women, nice to see something like that up here in Jersey, so I know people dont think we are all that crazy either! Love the accents

  5. I love their clothes! Very cute! Very classy! A lot of my friends have the Gringo boots and I would love to have a pair!

  6. Love Langston’s and Texas Women! Love to see what the girls are wearing!! I have order clothing and Jewelry from Langston’s that looks like stuff the girl were wearing!

  7. Love the show because it’s a great example of Texas women–tough, fun and tenacious. I married into a Texas family, and I love every one of my Texas cousins, who also would make a great TV show!

  8. I have not come across a western store that has this kind of variety and brands all in one place, but unfortunately not only Texas woman shop here, also us Oklahoma girls know where to find the good stuff – 🙂

  9. Haven’t seen the show but will have to look for it – sounds like something I would like to watch.

  10. Langston’s Western Wear is a great place to shop for the family and I would love to see any of my girls, my bride or 2 daughter’s in a pair of Old Gringo Boots. Kentucky Girls got it going on.

  11. Love Western Wear and Old Gringo! Would love to rock these boots!! Following on Facebook, as well. Im from NJ with family in TX, so Texas Women is the best show to watch; make me feel close to them.

  12. I love Langston’s! They have the best prices on the best products. Love Texas Women as well!

  13. I love Old Gringo and Western Wear! I would also love to rock a new pair of Gringos. I liked Langston’s and Brooke’s page on facebook! 🙂 The show Texas Women is great! The girls get down and dirty, but are also so fashionable. Love it!! They are always dressed sooo dang cute!

  14. Love Texas Women! We watch and live vicariously thru them. They have such big and bold personalities! And of course, I would love the Old Gringo boots!!

  15. Am also a fan of Langston on FB. So many beautiful choicesof boots and cowgirl shirts for rodeo season!

  16. I love Texas Women, being from Oklahoma, it’s not too far from me! I also LOVE Old Gringo’s, they are the BEST boots in the world and Langstons is where I get my super cute cowgirl jeans, outfits, and jewelry!

  17. Just look at the picture- what more can you say about why ANYONE wouldn’t like a Texas girl. Would love to win the boots for my Arizona Cowgirl daughter Maddi.

  18. I love langstons and there selection of rock and roll cowgirl! texas women cracks me up because of all of there drama among one another and your always wondering whats next.

  19. Langston’s is the only place to find the right Levi jeans for me!!! A pair of gringo boots will look great with them………………

  20. Texas women Rock!! Its great to see something different on tv, real women, and of course the great western wear. Love it all. I liked Brooke J & Langston’s Western Wear on Facebook.
    p.s. I’m a size 6

  21. I love Old Gringo boots and can’t believe Brooke does as well. It would be awesome if I won a pair of boots.

  22. I love the show Texas Woman, it is so fun to watch the daily lives of these woman who are all really making something of themselves. I would love to win this contest and have the chance to dress as stylishly as Brooke and the other ladies!!!!!

  23. I love the Old Gringo boots and Texas Women! They both show the sassy side of Texas women!

  24. Texas Women is one show my husband and I sit down and watch together. These girls are something else!! Being a Fort Worth girl I like to see all of the great places around town they are hanging out at.

  25. I am a Texas woman so love the show and love the boots I want red…..

  26. I love Langstons & Texas Women, they are classy dressed & tough fun loving girls. Very sassy but stand their ground & don’t get walked on. Great all the way around ! I would love to win the boots very nice.

  27. I love Texas Women I just can’t wait for the weekend to come around to watch the girls !! they crack me up, you don’t know who is gonig to be getting along from week to week. They are all so beautiful in their own ways and all so different in there own ways !! Just Love them and the show !!!

  28. I love Texas women! They are crazy, cool and so much fun to watch. Never know what’s going to happen week to week.

  29. Cowboy boots are my weekness! I’m a single mom and I have a 4yr old lil boy, and our Saturday night dates are watching “Texas Women”…Mama, lets watch ‘the girls’ he says! We like their sass & style! I would love a pair of Old Gringo boots!

  30. Hey, thanks Langston’s for the opportunity to win a lovely pair of Old Gringos, which happen to be one of my ultimate fav brands of boot! I truly love the variety of boots and women’s apparel that you offer online – definitely a good shopping experience. Texas Women is a great example of tough but feminine and sexy women, just like the way I see Old Gringo boots!

  31. OMG – I’m dying for a pr of these boots!!! And I LOVE “Texas Women” – the show lets everyone know that the Men may be tough in Texas, but the Women Rule! Thanks for the chance… also love the Lucky Jeans & Material Cowgirl tees!!!((1955nursehjc4me(at)myway(dot)com))

  32. I LIKE Langstons & Brooke Jeter (HollyCunningham) on FB ((1955nursehjc4me(at)myway(dot)com)) Got my fingers crossed, really LOVE these boots!!!

  33. I love Texas Women – they represent Texas well-honest, true and take no crap! Love Old Gringo’s – the Bonnie boot is my favorite!!!

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