Wear It: Blackbird

Everybody is a fan of this song right? First you need to check out Sarah Darling’s countrified version. While you are tuned in, check out some of her outfits in this video. Super cute!!

All of them are cute, am I right? I decided to do a little combo of the two casual outfits. I’m loving the stripes she’s wearing. And I’m also loving that huge flower ring she’s wearing in her other casual outfit. So it’s our first Langston’s mashup!!

Derek Heart Women’s Navy Stripe Tee Shirt
Ariat Women’s Double Trouble Boyfriend Jeans
Kender West Women’s Rose Ring with Crystals – Pink/Red

Let me just tell you something about that Derek Heart tee…the shape and swing to it are FABULOUS. I’d put a tight fitting tank underneath and let the tee swing. I’d put a pair of flip-flops with this outfit for sure and you should go check out our Justin line of flip flops, just take your pick.

So tell me, would you Wear It?