The Voice – a recap, and a special offer!

Instant Elimination!?!? Wow.

Up first is our girl RaeLynn. Let me warn you here, I am pretty sure this recap is going to start strong and finish snarkey. So hold on. RaeLynn did great. She is adorable and country and sweet and saucy and strong and all the things a budding country artist should be. In the rehearsal scene I paused my DVR, grabbed my iPad and pulled up these….

Little miss was wearing Corral Vintage Women’s Boots with Lizard Overlay – Chocolate/Black. On these recaps a lot of times I suggest a similar look, but on this one, you can get the exact boot. And how about getting a deal on it?

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In the performance scene she wore some red and black boots similar in look to these Lane Boots Women’s ‘Margaret’ Cowboy Boots.

In the rehearsal scenes Christina had on a snap shirt that was similar to this Rough Stock Women’s Long Sleeve Western Plaid Snap Shirt. Oh wait…what? That was a dress!!??! Are you sure? It looked like a shirt and she just forgot pants. Anyway…

Jesse I thought had a good performance. I am not a huge Jesse fan, but I think he is one of the better ones on her team. And he was eliminated. What!?!? I was shocked. So was Adam, did you see his face?

Ok, so that leaves Ashley, Chris and Lindsey. Really?? Ashley is growing on me. I think she is growing as an artist and I like her more and more each week. She had a long flowy cardigan on during rehearsal. Her’s was sleeveless, but it was similar in feel to this Allison Brittney Women’s 3/4 Sleeve Flyaway Cardigan.

Ashley is now my pick from Team Christina. I, along with the other judges, am starting to see why Christina picked her. Chris? I am just not feeling him. I get the opera thing, but I just am not into him. And I know America loves and will save Lindsey tonight, but I am not feeling her either. How does tonight work? 2 get saved? One by America and one after a last ditch performance? I think Chris will go home, America will save Lindsey and Christina will save Ashley. Anyway, fashion…Lindsey wore white pants in the performance…well, they were white with a huge black stripe on the side. You could take some fabric paint to these Lucky Brand Women’s Colorful Sofia Capri jeans if you wanted…or just leave them plain white…they are very cute and super comfy. I just picked up a pair last week. I love them.

Ok, back to team Blake. I am not sure I can talk about Jordis. I love her. I have loved her since she was on Rockstar INXS. I wanted her to win. I am super sad that Blake sent her packing. She had depth and feeling and it showed when she sang. Clearly Adam didn’t agree with Blake either. Did you see him shaking his head!?! Me too Adam. Meee toooo. One thing about her performance…the set? What the? I guess he song was about abuse, I get that, but the bed frame with no mattress and the over turned chair? It was just odd.

Who else is on Team Blake, we talked about RaeLynn…so there is Erin and Jermaine. Erin is going home. I like her. I think her singing during rehearsal was a bit better than the show, but overall I like her. That yellow dress though? That was terrible. Awful. Jermaine did well. I loved that CeeLo said he looked sharp. He did look sharp, but coming from the man wearing the “Crime Scene” tee…I’m not sure it meant that much.

Do we need to talk about the judges performances? Blake’s team was adorable. Adam and Maroon 5 were great. That’s it right? Oh yea….Christina. I just can’t get away without talking about it huh? Ok, so the cowboy thing with Blake at the beginning was great. I love to see her engaging and joking with the judges since she can kind of be the odd man out sometimes. And her voice. She can belt it out like no other. I really do love her. But that outfit!??! She has a good body still, and I love to see her rock and flaunt it – but that was too much. It wasn’t flattering. If the bottom had even just been boy shorts, or a really short skirt it would have been better, but the full leotard was just not working, not anymore. Sorry – I just have to say it. Otherwise you guys would think I was blind.

So there it is. The recap. A bit light on fashion this week…but made up for with a great deal on a rocking pair of Corral boots! I will be back to update with tonight’s’ results before I hit publish for Wed….

Ok. I am back. I’m needing a second cup of coffee today to figure out this show. America saved Jermaine. I totally get that, but Chris? I don’t get that. Then Christina saved Lindsey…I kind of get that? And Blake saved Erin?? My rational on them sending Ashley and RaeLynn home is that they are young and the coaches think they can make it without the help of the show?? I just don’t know.

By the way, did you see Christina in stripes?!?! I know I know. I keep yelling that stripes are in, but they are! Striped shirts. Get one!