The Voice – A fashion recap

Time for another fashion-y recap of The Voice. Let’s start with the judges.

The tee Adam rocked was a plain black polo type shirt, but around here we like to add some details sometimes. Try this Rock & Roll Cowboy Men’s Short Sleeve Knit Polo Shirt for a similar, but different look.

Adam made fun of Blake’s look for the night saying he was wearing the color of well, you know. But I disagree. A classic brown jacket pairs with anything and Blake always looks sharp! Those 2 have a total bromance going on. I love it. They tease each other but are clearly close friends. This Pendleton Men’s Buffalo Hide Leather Jacket creates the same basic look that Blake had.

I have a hard time recreating Christina and CeeLo for this blog. We just don’t carry many red satin suits like CeeLo wears, but maybe this red Rockmount Vintage Shirt would work for him. As for Xtina, her look last night was on the money as far as current trends. Stripes are all over the place. Check out these Derek Heart Striped Tees to add some stripes into your closet.

Team CeeLo:

First off, I was glad to see that the rental cat is back. I would hate for that feline to have been put out of a job!

Chessa – I was not feeling her performance look at all. At all. She looked like a bad version of a flight attendant. I did like how she paired a denim shirt with colored jeans during rehearsals. This Lucky Brand Women’s Sabrina Denim Jacket would look great with a white of black tank under it and bright pink or coral jeans.

James – I have nothing here. I just don’t get him. Maybe I am just too old. All the girls in the crowd were loving him. To me he was goofy and didn’t sound great at all. And he was wearing a headband. I am sorry. I was just not into him. He’s my pick to go home. But I know America will push him though.

Juliet – oh Juliet. She rocked it. I don’t think many people can rock the one arm fringe, but she did it. And more importantly, she did a great version of the song Roxanne. I know it seems impossible, but her shorts were shorter than these. These Levi’s ® Juniors Camp Shorts are a normal version of a short short. If you want to get her exact look from rehearsals, you need to go even shorter…please don’t.

Tony – his performance look was a black shirt with red piping detail. It made me think of this Rockmount Sugar Skull Western Shirt. He did well. He is still kind of theatrical for me, I’d love to see him on Broadway, but I’m not sure I want his CD in my car – you know?

Erin – well….ok. I mean, she did ok but she didn’t wow me. How many people go home tonight? 2? I think she will go. And Chessa. James should – but won’t.

Jamar – what a showman. I am not sure his singing voice is anything special, but he puts on a show and is fun. And he had guitar players on stilts! By the way, do you guys think Blake will give into the stage show anytime soon? It shows the difference between country music and other generas. Blake is all about the voice, the others want more a combo of voice and staging. Blake’s ideas seem more in line with the concept of the show – but I see where the other judges are coming from. If you are a pop singer, you have to sing, but you also need to be able to work the stage show.

Team Adorable…I mean Adam:

Katrina – She has a bit of an Adele vibe going on that I loved. I think she has a great voice. Christina said “I think your dress was restricting you some” HAHAHA. The pot calling the kettle black. I have no idea how Christina breaths in some of the stuff she wears, let along sings.

Tony – One thing about the judges, I think Christina is great. I love that she always has real and constructive criticism for the performers. But I think she was harsh with Tony! He is one of the better ones out there and she made it seem like he was just sailing in on the Micky Mouse Club boots strings. Not true. Tony showed that a pair of clean, dark finish jeans can look great with a blazer or jacket. These Lucky Brand Men’s 361 Vintage Straight Jeans can be dressed up or down.

Kim – Kim is another one with a good voice…but I could take it or leave it. I think she is great – but she doesn’t really excite me. I feel like I have seen it before…but maybe I am being too hard on her. In rehearsals she wore a fly-away cardigan. We have a few options you can check out for cardigans.

Mathai – Eh. I am not sure about her. Again, I wasn’t wowed. I didn’t even write any notes on her. Ouch. That mush mean I wasn’t feeling it.

Carla – Why can’t ever get a good look at her boots. These were tall and smooth. The closest match I could find are these Vintage Deer Knee High Boots by Corral. Whatever they were, they looked good with her sequined dress. In rehearsals she wore a pink/purple plaid shirt much like this Dickies Women’s Long Sleeve Plaid Flannel Western Button Down Shirt. I wasn’t feeling her either. I love Adam, but I guess I might have a tough time picking who should stay in his team. I think Carla is going home. Out of all the ones I have luke warm feelings for, she is the one that is he least warm.

Pip – it is hard to be rock and roll in a bow tie with a baby face. I am just saying…you have to really be strong and powerful and gritty to do that. He wasn’t. I think he is a good singer and could be fun to watch, but a rock god powerhouse…no. Did you notice his mom had a bow-tie necklace on? Too cute.

I’m stopping my recap here – today is Tuesday…but I will add results from tonight before I publish this for you guys Wed morning.

And now it’s Wed…who stayed and who was sent packing….

From Team Adam America saved Mathai (really?), Tony (Christina looked so bummed) and Pip (um…ok. Let’s see how that works out.) From Team CeeLo they saved Juliet (of course), Jamar (predicted) and James (I knew it. Ugh).

Adam saved Katrina. Good. She deserves to stay.CeeLo saved Chessa….I think. Or did Carson just cut him off mid-sentence and say it was Cheesa? That seemed odd to me. Seriously…CeeLo’s team is bugging me. Juliet is the only one I really like.

Let’s see…my front runners (the ones I personally like, not who I think will necessarily win)

Tony, Katrina, Juliet, Jordis. Wow, no one on Team Christina. Maybe someone will win me over next week. Your turn…who do you like?

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  1. I want Jamar to win it because he’s appreciative and doesn’t expect a gift horse. Christina can bite me. She’s so mean. There must be some bad blood between them as you can see on Tony’s face when she spoke. I hope he stays just to spite her.

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