The Voice

You guys, I am not even sure how to recap this episode. This season is killing me. I dislike almost everyone! Why!??! It’s not that I hate them – I just don’t passionately love anyone. Let’s try for a recap…

Jamar. Meh. He’s ok. I know other people die over him, but I am just luke warm on him. He did wear a denim shirt during rehearsal and you guys know I love a good denim shirt. Check out our selection of denim shirts and let me know your fav.

Katrina. Again…meh. I mean – she ‘s ok. But I am not in love. I do want to know why the judges kept telling her to step out on her own and not try and be like Adele…yet they mad her over and made her look like Adele for the song. I mean…don’t the judges have a say in the performance look? Sometimes it seems like they do and other times not. This week they all acted like they had no clue about it. Her look was fine, but the cheesy light heart on the floor was too much.

Mathai. Is it just me or did she seem pretty peeved over the song choice? She sounded ok, but something about her voice and inflection grates on me. That gold foil dress and the rhinestones in her hair weren’t doing anything for me either. Want rhinestones? Try these Miss Me Women’s Embellished Jeans…not your hair ok? And let’s leave the gold foil as an accent on tees (like this Cruel Girl Women’s SS Burnout Tee Shirt w/Foil), not an entire dress!

CeeLo’s performance. I just can’t. He is too much for me. I can’t even comment.

James. Thank God he was sent home. The end.

Tony. Ok. I actually like Tony Lucca. He was my fav of the night. Although…him singing Brittany wasn’t original. The band Travis did a version of that song years ago. I think they should have picked a Christina song for him to do instead. But that said, I loved it and I do kind of love him.

Cheesa. Yeah..I am still not feeling Cheesa. I love that she wears denim jackets because they are a classic favorite of mine (try this Lucky Brand Women’s Sabrina Denim Jacket) but I am not seeing the appeal of her as a singer.

Pip. Oh Pip. He kind of grew on me this week. I love the bow tie, but I also liked seeing a new look. One of his rehearsal looks was a pink pinstripe. I saw several shirts closer to it than this Pendleton Men’s Long Sleeve Vintage Fit Madras Epic Shirt, but this one just seemed so “Pip” to me. I think it would be great on him. Sadly he went home, right when I was starting to like him.

Adam on drums – good. With Tony singing and playing guitar – good. Was the rest of the team up there? I didn’t even notice.

Juliet. She is the front runner of the people from last night. But WINGS?????? What the?!?!?! Blake saying it reminded me of duck hunting season was classic. She rocked it out, but I think the wings kid of stiffed her. I wish she had been able to move around more. That song was perfect for her. I didn’t like the lighter hair on her, better darker in my opinion.

Ok. Who goes home tonight!?!?

Team CeeLo – Cheesa or Jamar?!?! I have no idea. Not even a guess. But my hope is that Jamar stays.I didn’t list Juliet because we know she will stay. If America doesn’t save her, CeeLo will.

Team Adam – Again, I am not sure. My hope is that if America doesn’t save Tony, Adam will. So Katrina or Mathai. I vote for Katrina to stay.

Ok…break in the action. I am headed to an OKC Thunder game tonight but I will Tivo the show and update this post before I hit publish in the morning! Let’s hope my picks are right!

America saved Tony (yay!) and Jamar (surprised me, but good!) After Jamar was saved, I knew Juliet would be who Cee Lo saved. No need to even see the performances. She was going to be his pick. Then between Katrina and Mathai….good pick by Adam. She did great and actually convinced me to be a fan of her’s now. What did you guys think? Good picks?

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