The Voice

Ok folks, I’m filling in for Deb this week on The Voice recap. Are you ready?! This was our first LIVE show. In this two hour episode we heard each member of Team Blake and Team Christina sing. Then America votes and saves 3 members. Of the 3 remaining, Christina and Blake must save ONE person, sending two people home from each team.

I’d like to first go over the judges, before we get to the singers. Blake was handsome as usual. Adam had a buzz-ish hair cut that looks SUPER HOT, if I do say so myself. Cee Lo, I don’t even know what to say, I think Adam said it best in his tweet here. Christina looked pretty conservative this episode. She’s slimmed down since the battle rounds and in one segment was wearing a striped outfit. Well GET YOUR STRIPES right here y’all!

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Ok, let’s move on to Team Blake: Jermaine Paul, RaeLynn, Charlotte Sometimes, Naia Kete, Erin Willett, and Jordis Unga. Now y’all may disagree with me, but my top 3 were RaeLynn, Jordis Unga and Erin Willett. All three of these ladies rocked it. I do want to cover RaeLynn’s style, girl is SPUNKY. These items seem pretty RaeLynn to me:

Jordis also seems to have a studs and sequins thing going on that I’m totally loving. She was also sporting a fitted jacket during her performance. Here’s a few things I’d pick out for her.

Team Christina consisted of Ashley De La Rosa, Chris Mann, Jesse Campbell, Moses Stone, Lindsay Pavao, and Sera Hill. My heart is definitely with Team Blake, but I do have some favs on Team Christina. My picks from the performances are Lindsey Pavao, Ashley De La Rosa, Jesse Campbell. In addition to her singing, I’m loving Ashley De La Rosa’s outfit! These boots would be a great way to begin duplicating that outfit:

Ok, now I would like to know who your favorites were from each team!!!

UPDATE: From Team Blake, the following are moving on to the next round: Erin Willett (America Saved), Jordis Unga (Blake Saved), RaeLynn (America Saved), Jermaine Paul (America Saved). From Team Christina, the following are moving on to the next round: Chris Mann (America Saved), Lindsay Pavao (America Saved), Jesse Campbell(America Saved), Ashley De La Rosa (Christina Saved).

Did everybody you want move on to the next round? Tell us!!