Texas Women – episode 4

Are you on Twitter? I had a blast Sat night live tweeting with the Texas Women ladies.

Forgive me for this random recap, but I can’t seem to write this episode in order. I’ll try to group it by person instead!

Anna and her friend traded “dares” of sorts. She proved she can toss hay and ride a mechanical bull and he proved he can get a pedicure. I am not at all sure how that evens out!??! Next month Langston’s is working on a promotion with a local blogger in which we check out a club here that offers live bull riding. No mechanical bull around here….a live bull. I want the Texas Women girls to come hang with us! Consider this your invitation ladies!

Hannah wore a cute black tee with a cross on it this episode. It reminded me of this Roper Women’s Nailhead Cross Tank Top.

As I tweeted last night, I am on Team Patrick. Angelo is just not hot. I am sorry – he isn’t! And Patrick is so sweet!!! Cicely trying to play it off like the guys are models…um…no. To copy Patrick’s casual look, pair this Dickies Men’s Long Sleeve Chambray Button Down Work Shirt with some khaki pants…and a beautiful dog!

Brooke and Jason are cracking me up. I too live with a husband who snores. I find a good tug on the blanket will make him roll over and solve my issue. I am pretty sure he would scoff at Brooke’s tape suggestion and I know he would refuse acupuncture. I think Jason’s last experience with the horse acupuncturist sounds a bit sketchy. And yes..Jason the needles were bigger -they were meant for horses! In that scene Jason wore a shirt very similar to this Lucky Brand Men’s Slub Pique Polo Shirt, in fact it might have been the same one but a different color?

The highlight the show had to be Brooke teaching Ali the classic “Bend and Snap” from Legally Blond. In that scene Brooke was wearing a shirt that laced up in the back. I think she would love this Rock & Roll Cowgirl Women’s Tank Top with Asymmetrical Lace Back tank.

Classic quotes from Brooke about picking and choosing when you want to be a slut. And I agree with her overall advice that you typically either show legs or cleavage, both is a bit much. All in all, $800 and a round of drinks for 4 tires is quite a deal!

I have zero notes on Ali’s wardrobe form last night..I think the live tweeting threw me off my game. So instead…let’s shop for Ali. I think she would love this Southern Thread Women’s Half Sleeve Voile Top with Embroidery don’t you?

I know I picked some boots for Ali last week, but we just got more Ariat Boots in and so I need to share more. They are just too cute to leave out of this post. These Ariat Women’s Rhinestone Cowgirl Boots are a little bit country and a little rock and roll – perfect for Ali and Hannah.

These Ariat Women’s Dandy 12″ Cowgirl Boots are perfect for Brooke and Anna. Classic Cowgirl with a bit of an edge.

Can’t wait until next week. As usual it looks like a great episode is brewing!