Texas Women – Episode 3

Ya’ll…these girls are crazy! Bar fights, strip clubs, rodeos..you name it, they get into it! So Brooke didn’t go to jail, but she didn’t go home either.

“She can change a tire, she can beat a man’s ass” – Jason on why he loves Brooke.

Jason wore a cream snap shirt with some light stripes in it. While looking for a match I came across this Ariat Men’s Donny LS Stripe Snap Shirt with Embroidery. It isn’t really the shirt he wore, or even very close…but I totally think he would love this pick and rock it out on the town with Brooke, don’t you?

Brooke wore a few tops this week that reminded me of things we carry. This Iron Horse Women’s Ada Short Sleeve Burn Out T-ShirtI think I have posted before. It is similar to the tank she was wearing in some of the interview scenes. She also wore a foil design tee similar to this Miss Me Women’s Embellished Twist Tank Top.

All ended well that night, as Brooke said “when you don’t go to jail, that’s a good night.” Amen sister.This was a Brooke filled episode, we found out she was a twin, went hat shopping, and met her nieces. I think Brooke’s niece needs this Cowgirl Justice Girl’s “Ain’t my First Rodeo” Short Sleeve T-Shirt don’t you?

Hannah’s love life was front and center in this episode. Angelo or Patrick. Um…hello!?!?!?!? Patrick. Hands down. Hannah….go for Patrick!!! Angelo is not a good pick!!! I know, I know as she said “exotic dancers need lovin’ too” but no. Just no.

In one of the scenes where Hannah is talking to Ali and Cory she is wearing a cowl neck tee similar to this Witness Women’s Cowl Neck Burn Out T-Shirt which by the way is $22!

Miss Ali Dee showed us some of her new clothing collection, which of course we will carry! “Bling is my signature color” – I love it. Lots of cute tees and accessories. Can’t wait! I felt bad that her show didn’t put more money in her pocket. It is a tough business for sure. But she rocked it, and on stage she wore some fringe boots. I bet she would love these new Corral Women’s Fringe Cowboy Boots!

We didn’t see much of Anna in this episode, but I bet we will next week. So what do you guys think…Angelo or Patrick? That’s the question of the day after this episode!