Texas Women – Episode 2

Saturday night I wasn’t watching Texas Women. I was watching tornadoes form in Oklahoma. But…after watching it on my DVR, the two were actually pretty similar. I hate to start at the end, but how can you not? Brooke!??!?! You know I love you. And yes, that guy was totally out of line and he acted out first…but if you hit a cop (even by accident) and mouth off to one…you are going to jail. It just happens like that. But dang girl, you had some good hits in there!!!

Ok, back to the beginning and keeping my eye on fashion….

At Hannah’s birthday party she was wearing a striped skirt. You guys have seen this from me week after week this spring, stripes are in! Try this Derek Heart Women’s Striped 2-Layer Tank Top. For under $15, you really can’t go wrong with it.

It’s funny how girls can be. Both Hannah and Brooke thought the other one should have come up to say hi. Someone has to do it – but neither did. I know their relationship looks messy now, but I see them hugging it out in the near future.

After the party as they were walking into the loft, I caught a peak at one of the girl’s friend’s jeans and saw a black label. Not sure, but they looked like Rock and Roll Cowgirl Jeans to me.

Hannah is falling for one of the strippers who was at her party. Isn’t there a rule about that? Don’t fall for a stripper at a party? Sounds like a rule to me. Speaking of rules and wives tales, I have heard of “hair of the dog” for hangovers….but a tequila shot? That might be a bit much.

Let’s talk some classic western style with Ali’s boyfriend Cory. Denim snap shirt. Wrangler jeans. Classic.

Cory and Ali had a very stressful light bulb situation, followed later in the show with a stressful money talk in regard to her video. They handled both well. They are a cute couple and seem to both have their heads on straight. And of course…more denim. Ali had on some cut offs while washing the dog and talking music. These Levi’s ® Juniors Camp Shorts are similar to the ones she had on.

Anna’s bulls are on fire! I really haven’t seen that many bulls ride, but her’s look good. I was happy towards the end of the episode when she talked to those guys about leasing them out for practice. I am happy that she won’t have to give one up.

We got to see Brooke barrel race in this episode, as she said, “might not have won, but we looked the best.” Yes you did! Her pink shirt had a bit of green in it which she re-enforced with a green tee under it. Loved the color combo. This Wrangler Women’s Long Sleeve Solid Snap Western Shirt with Scroll Foil Designs would look great with a contrasting tee or tank like this Derek Heart Women’s Basic Tunic Tank Top under it.

Anna’s ranch manager had quite the scarf going on. I am just not sure how I felt about that look. Sorry – I just wasn’t feeling it. I am sure it was practical, but it didn’t thrill me. I also wasn’t thrilled with Hannah bringing a friend to the coffee meet up. It wasn’t helping the situation any. Speaking of not helping, I know Cicily is trying – but she isn’t helping either. And her over the top blue eye shadow in the last few scenes….yikes. I think she can do better. The blue shadow, the over the top headband and the huge personality – it was kind of a lot all at once. But I bet she is a ton of fun.

At coffee Brooke was wearing a loose weave sweater that reminded me of this Ya Ya Club Women’s Sweater Shrug. Different but similar.

In the cow milk scene one of the girl’s friends had on a see through stripped tee. This Cruel Girl Women’s LS Burnout Tee Shirt gives the same look but with dots verses stripes.

At the Stockyards Bar Hannah was rocking kind of a fringe poncho sweater. It wasn’t this Lucky Brand Women’s Indio Crochet Wrap Sweater but the two are somewhat in the same family.

Speaking in loose associations…follow me here. The print on Anna’s dress was totally Pendelton! I mean, look at this Pendleton Men’s Cody Vest.

One final note on the episode….Ali talked about needing an innocent look for her video. I am totally feeling a sundress/boots look for it. What about you? This Roper Women’s Sleeveless Floral Print Georgette Dress would work perfectly.

Let me know your thoughts on the episode! And of course on the fashion!