Texas Women

Did you guys see that Texas Women is back!?!? First of all, that elevator in Hannah and Anna’s new place would drive me nuts!!!! But I was loving Hannah’s long sleeve white burn out tee. We have several tees that are similar to the one she wore. My pick for today is this Cowgirl Justice Women’s “Let’s Get Western” Long Sleeve Burn Out Stripe T-Shirt.

The girls added a new face to the mix both with Ali’s adorable boyfriend and their friend Cicily. Cicily cracked me up. She had lots of great one liners. What was up with that “Drunky Drunkledorf” scene, to use Ali’s phrase. That was crazy. But I loved how Anna and Ali worked it out. Much more level headed than the Hannah/Brooke thing – but they kind of started to work that out to in this episode. What other fashion caught my eye…I loved Brooke’s cami/sweater combo in the roping scene and I loved Ali’s jeans later on. They looked like Rock and Roll Cowgirl jeans to me but I am not sure which ones.

Towards the end of the first episode Brooke talks to her hubs about the snoring. Her boots were brown with blue stitching and reminded me of these Ariat Women’s Heritage Western R Toe Boots.

Are you guys excited for this season? I know I am. These girls are always fun to watch, both for their adventures and their fashion!