Wear It: Dirt Road Anthem

We had a request not too long ago for some Jason Aldean on our Wear It series. I decided to spotlight the Dirt Road Anthem video because Jason’s outfit is pretty casual and anyone can pull it off. Here’s the video:

You can’t go wrong with a western snap shirt, jeans and boots right? Here’s how I’d do that outfit the Langston’s way:

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Pendleton Men’s Short Sleeve Plaid Snap Shirt – Blue

Rock and Roll Cowboy Men’s Relaxed Fit Boot Cut Double Barrel Jeans with Multi Embroidery

Ariat Men’s Nitro Boots – Gulch Tan/Quartz

If you just add a few accessories like a straw hat and a leather wrist band you will be all set with the classic Jason Aldean outfit. And you can get this same look with different plaid shirts and different jeans that are even more beat up. It just depends on how casual you want to go and what color scheme you are after. Check out some more of our plaid snap shirts here.

What do you say? Would you Wear it??