Wear It: All Just To Get To You

Do you know Pat Green? He started out in Texas and was part of the whole “Texas Country” revolution…there are a lot of great “Texas Country” artists you should get to know…Charlie Robison, Roger Creager, Cory Morrow, etc. So anyway, Pat Green has a new album coming out called Songs We’d Wish We’d Written II. It’s a follow-up to his collaboration with Cory Morrow (fantastic album by the way, you should check it out). So when I saw the first single/video had come out for the follow-up I most definitely wanted to feature it here on the blog.

Let’s check out the video first…you’ll notice Pat Green has a very easy style…mainly a button up shirt with rolled up sleeves and jeans. A couple of times I’ve seen him in concert he’s performed barefoot…

So let’s get to the outfit, shall we?

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Wrangler Men’s Rock 47 LS Solid Snap Shirt – Navy
Southern Thread Men’s Tristan Low Rise Slim Fit Boot Cut Jeans
Nocona Men’s 11″ College Cowboy Boots – Texas Tech Red Raiders (TTU)

I threw those Texas Tech boots in because Pat Green when to college there…but you can sub in whatever college you went to…sound good?